Michael McDermott @ Shank Hall

Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI

Michael McDermott possesses one of those classic rock voices and isnt afraid to use it. Drawing on influences from Bob Dylan to Van Morrison, hes a dysfunctional prophet who spins stories so brilliantly through his songs that theyre old friends by the end of the first hearing. American Country Music Magazine commented that hes the kind of raconteur writer who is so connected with himself that he can reach right through the speakers and punch you in the heart Michaels live performances have also received praise from a dedicated fan-base and famous admirers like author Stephen King, who shared that Michael McDermott is the greatest undiscovered rock n roll talent of the last 20 years King also used Michaels lyrics in two books of his acclaimed novels - Insomnia and Rose Madder

Private Events

If you are interested in hosting a Michael McDermott House Concert or having him perform at a private event, please contact Laurel Falkenstein at Silverleaf Booking.