Michael McDermott @ GETHSEMANE - 30 year Anniversary Show @ City Winery Chicago

GETHSEMANE - 30 year Anniversary Show @ City Winery Chicago, Chicago, IL

Michael McDermott - Gethsemane - 30 Year Anniversary Show live at City Winery Chicago on Thursday, June 8th at 8:00pm!

Michael McDermott and The Arsonists will be performing the entire 1993 release of “Gethsemane” which included hits like “Just West Of Eden” “Need Some Surrender” “Leave It Up To The Angels” and the classic “The Idler, The Prophet And A Girl Called Rain” They will close out the night with an assortment of other favorites as they celebrate the 30th birthday of what some might consider his best album.

Music makes a deep connection when it strikes that delicate nerve separating the personal from the universal. If the listener can use the songs as mirrors, then the musician has succeeded in communicating their art. Michael McDermott has spent decades riding that artistic balance, and he does it again with fresh potency on his latest album. St. Paul’s Boulevard.

St. Paul’s Boulevard is a concept album, of sorts. It gathers its creative momentum by introducing characters lost and found, rich and poor, young and old, and many struggling to survive on a fictional street that could exist anywhere. Recorded from August 2021 to February 2022 at Transient Sound and Pauper Sky Studios in Chicago, St. Paul’s Boulevard is the sonic vision of McDermott and co-producer Steven Gillis.

McDermott, who also played guitars and piano on his batch of personal songs, is at his most passionate on choice cuts: “Our Little Secret” is a driving folk-rocker that plays like the soundtrack for restless days and lust-filled nights. “Sick of This Town,” with its chugging folk-country bottom beat, is a cathartic ode to busting out of the neighborhood that cages us in. “Marlowe” pays tribute to Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe character in an anthemic heartland rocker. And “New Year’s Day” is one of those brooding tunes that seeps under the skin and rattles the senses.

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