The Word On Hey La Hey

 “So allow me the privilege of turning you onto a guy who you probably didn’t know. Michael McDermott, who is hands down one of the most prolific songwriters of today and whose new record Hey La Hey is so far the brightest gem to cross my desk this year. Not just in country, but in any genre of music. McDermott possesses the kind of dizzyingly brilliance that can put a scent to a heartbreak, ignite a flame with words and then let you feel the fire and taste the tears as if you were there. The kind of raconteur writer who is so connected with himself that he can reach right through the speakers and punch you in the heart.”
-American Country Music Magazine-

 "The Great American Novel and The Year It All Went Wrong are two of the most entertaining and well-crafted songs you'll hear all year!"
- The Daily Vault- 

“McDermott is a master of straightforward, piercing lyrics that cut you to the core. 3 and 1/2 stars out of 4.”
-The Chicago Sun Times-

“His material is catchy and atmospheric, and also more importantly, it feels genuine and real, which is a quality that is getting harder and harder to find with this generation of singer/songwriters.  If you like Dylan, Springsteen or any of the other Americana/folk rock artists out there definitely consider adding Michael McDermott to your repertoire as he has what it takes to compete with the best of them.”

"Hey La Hey harkens back to McDermott’s joyous early 90s beginnings.  
“The Great American Novel” and “I Wanna Know Why” are key pub sing-alongs, 
while “The Ballad Of Johnny Diversey” and “Room 411” 
are textbook narratives told in McDermott’s cheerfully dysfunctional tradition. 8 out of  10."

-Illinois Entertainer-   


“There's a quiet, but somehow pleasant, desperation to most of his songs.

They demonstrate a reflective and plaintive soul, reminiscing over loves lost and all the travels in between. The moral of this tale? I am a new fan of McDermott and definitely recommend this album."

-Shakefire Media-